What Are Some of the Target Goals of New Hire Surveys?

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New hire surveys are one of the ways that employers address how effectively their hiring process is working. These surveys question all of the new hires on the entirety of the process, and what makes them extremely useful is that – unlike any other potential sample – new hires are by far the most likely to respond to a survey conducted at the request of management.

But what are these surveys designed to do? From the CAI blog, the goals of a new hire survey are designed to:

  • Ensure the Hiring Process is Effective

When employees are hired, it’s possible that the process they went through does not accurately represent or prepare the individual for their role. Interviews and “first days” often involve a long description of the company and the job that isn’t always accurate, as well as organizational issues, communication with superiors, and so on. It’s important that the hiring process is designed in a way that is best for the new employee, to ensure that the employee remains satisfied, productive, etc.

  • Ensure the Onboarding Process is Effective

There is no denying the importance of helping a new employee enter into the company. Their entire impression of how the company is operated can be swayed by how well the company gives them training and provides them with the supplies and services necessary to succeed. If the employee feels they have been thrust in the middle of the job without any preparation, it’s going to be a poor first impression for the individual.

  • Satisfaction Tracking

Another benefit to a new hire survey is the ability to analyze their overall satisfaction, and see if/how that satisfaction changes over time. Tracking satisfaction is one of the only ways to glean any information from it, and new hires are arguably the best choice for understanding how satisfaction is shaped within the first few months of employment.

Different Approaches for Surveys

Depending on your goal(s) with your new hire survey, you may need to adopt different approaches to reach each of these goals. But it’s clear that you can gather some very interesting and relevant data for your business if you target new hires for your research. You can learn not only about the way satisfaction changes, but also about whether or not the hiring process you’ve decided to adopt is having its desired outcome, and if there are any changes you can make to improve it in its entirety.

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